About Moodr

Moodr is designed to help record the treatment of mood disorders.

Moodr has been developed and clinically refined over several years, following the evidence from scientific studies about how to monitor and measure mood.

Hundreds of patients have already tested the app and refinements were implemented according to the experience of these cases, in which Moodr helped in the treatment and by increasing the quality of life of patients.

The information recorded daily is more accurate than what the patient can remember from the last medical appointment.

Its main focus is the beginning of treatment, in the stabilization and medication adjustment phase, after which it can be maintained if there are difficulties or benefits in the patient's case, but it can be hibernated as long as there is stability.

Moodr aims to clinically monitor the evolution of symptoms, and important parameters of symptoms and medications (sleep, appetite, libido).

Moodr records information useful for treatment, such as symptoms of mania and depression (in a summarized, clear, and simple way for the patient), medications used, life events, and health characteristics related to mood disorders or pharmacological treatment: sleep, libido, weight, menstrual period and physical exercises.

This features allow to monitor better the impact of life events and medication changes on the evolution of symptoms. 

Moodr also presents weekly summaries of symptoms' evolution (in bright colors, if the filling is above 70% of the days and gray, if less than that), allows the use of alarms to remind the patient to take medications and estimates the patient's adherence (if the recording is actually done on the date under evaluation) to the app and medications. 

For prolonged use, inform your doctor which medications were used in the month of best performance (with fewer symptoms) of the entire recorded treatment period.


Monitor several characteristics important for treatment.


Add all medications you are taking and all changes made during treatment.

Mood chart

Easily view all information filled in the diary.


Generate a detailed report showing the patient's progress over the weeks, including adherence and other relevant information.

Moodr works as
a health diary.

Using Moodr it is possible to monitor important characteristics of mood disorders and their treatment, such as:

Experts who joined forces to innovate in psychiatric treatment.

Marcelo Moraes Victor

Psychiatrist and Ph.D. in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Researcher associated with the Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, with extensive experience in the treatment of mood disorders.

Leonardo Tavares

Engineer, Master in Mechanical Engineering, and Professor of Engineering at INSPER.

Partner at ProjectivaDT, a consultancy service for digital transformation solutions. Leonardo has extensive experience in app development.